Rewards of Sobriety: Family Reunited

My name is Jamie Fann. I’m 30 years old of age. I have two sons back in my life. They were taken from me. That was one of the consequences that I had to pay for using alcohol and drugs. Now I have my sons Jamien, 10 and Antwaun 5, back. I’m so very grateful for the Alcoholics Anonymous program. I’m an alcoholic and many other labels. This program is so very dear to my family. AA saved me and also saved my children. I am young black woman who was raised with morals and values. I was brought up by my grandparents in a home in Shaker Heights. Somewhere down that dark road of drinking and using harmful things, I began harming people. I accepted my problems- dealing with the wrong road of life. Alcohol was my reward in the middle of my using. Then it began to haunt me. Alcohol took me away from God, which I was very much aware of. Alcohol took me places I would not have gone- in many shelters. One shelter helped me get honest with myself. This shelter saved my life. They directed me to Hitchcock for women’s treatment center, where I learned about AA and looked deep inside my soul. I am so very grateful to God, and many prayers, that saved my life. God gave me grace. This is a blessing because I did many bad things when I was using. My mother got her life in order before her passing. She prayed for my life. God toke her home; in order for me to live. My mother died when I was in treatment. We made made amends to each other. I did not have to drink or use drugs because of her death. AA prepared her to die. That is one of the best feelings I have today. I know my is in heaven, and I will see her if I stay in AA for the rest of my life. I have to work the steps. There are rules I have to follow for each every day I live.

                                    GRATITUDE – ONE DAY AT A TIME

                                    Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life

                                    And It can save yours too.

                                     So very grateful,

                                      Jamie Fann