By Donald Whitehead


There’s nothing worse than the fear and dread

That I feel inside not knowing where the next place

I’ll lay my head

I’m old and I’m tired. I’m filled with pain

Sometimes I can remember nothing, not even my name.


I’m any eyesore to the fat cats that sit on the hill

Trapped in despair against my will

They’re concerned how I got here what mistakes did I make

Without an ounce of compassion, for goodness sake


My situation so tough a bitter pill to swallow

My past so dark, my future so hollow

I pray each day for one more chance

For I am still a human being, just take a glance

Fought in Iwo Jima, the Jungle of Vietnam

The beaches of Normandy, in Iraq across the burning sand

You are you.  Proud and free

Just keep in mind…one day you could be me.



Copyright Homeless Grapevine Issue #12, Cleveland, OH