Mentor, give me a drink from the quenching

  waters of healing that

I may fetch me a proviso to righteousness,

  over stepping euphemism.


I didn’t see the sun today nor did I smell the fragrance of spring

Nor felt the warmth of summer or gazed at the chills of winter.

I wonder about autumn with a shade of contrition.


When I had been around the sun twenty-five times I saw the end of

 Naziism and the ushering in of the atomic

  age. So I went for another

Twenty=five times around and did see the

  landing of man on the moon.

…So here we go for another twenty-five times.


Impatience, itinerancy and homelessness

  are my travel vehicals I use in

Journeying on the road if subcongition. By

  and large the roads are

Short…but many.  See you around


Thank you