By Sandy Valadon


I looked for shelter

And found none

I slept on the street corner

I was cold


I searched for food

And found scraps

Bread that was dirty and old


I was filthy and sick

In need of care

But none was there for me


I was made derelict

Except for roaming the streets

There was no place for me


I chattered to myself as I roamed around

With no direction in mind

Through the vicious streets of the city

Half out my mind


They tossed me out of the bus stop

Where I meant to spend the day


And the children and old ladies laughed at me

And told me to get out of the way


There was a time I had a good name

But I can’t remember when


I had children, a home, and a good job

But it’s too painful to think of them.


I’ll probably die this broken creature

Nobody knowing or caring who I am or use to be


They say this could happened to anyone

Dear God, why? Did it happen to me?


Copyright homeless Grapevine Issue #23, Cleveland,Oh