By Marquita Roddy


Life on the bus has not been fun,

 it’s not much different than life on the run;.

Traveling this bus one minute and waiting an hour for the next,

 then strangers stare at you like you are a character in a text.


Ride to the airport just to keep warm

and that’s where you’ll see lots of families form,

all filled with hope and joy and love,

and good things you can only dream of.


Rule number one is: never beg for a dollar

because someone may holler “Bloody Murder!”

Rule number two is: Never ask anyone for a bite to eat

because   the bite will be tiny and you’ll still be hungry all week.


Rule number three: Don’t ask a relative for any help

because after the butt is kissed, the promises are seldom kept.

Number four: Don’t ask the government for shit,

because that’s more than likely what you’ll get.

There are many rules to follow once you become homeless

and my advice is to always remember the most important Rule: God

does bless!   


Copyright Homeless Grapevine , Issue #31, Cleveland, OH