By Anthony Walker

From the Tip of my Toes, to the Top of my head,

To Three Hundred and sixty degrees around me,

I am somebody. If I had my way I’d kiss

The ground I walk on in this Great Domain.

It’s an eye for an eye, and a Tooth for Tooth,

All individuals should believe the same.

As I pound the pavement to find a job,

My patience grows limited as I reach for the knob.

That opens the door to Prosperity and Wealth,

As I open poverty goes on the back shelf.

E Pluribus Unum, For I will give thanks.

When all my work id done, I break all the Banks.

With the help, And the Grace of God.

The Employment of the Needy, the Angels Applaud.

Governed to get over in This ol’ World

Without one doubt, abroad in the Future,

 My body and mind are hurled.

Satisfied with what I need.

There is No room for that evil greed.

For I am Somebody!


Copyright Homeless Grapevine Issue #17 , Cleveland, Ohio