By Margaretta Ogletree

                Once in a dream I imagined I could breath under water, you know like a

fish but the funny thing is I always have this dream more than once.  I try to find

the reason for the same dream but I only give up because it doesn’t make sense

to me.  But it hit me, this means I’m very special.  Some people dream about cars,

money and this or that, but this means a person who is homeless has a dream.  It

is the most beautiful thing to have so I would like to donate this poem to all of my

homeless friends.


I was under the bridge one night

while I watch the cars roll by. and

I ask myself and ask myself

what happen, why?


I hold my covers close to me

to hide the tears of my crying,

and try to drift off to sleep

but its not sleep its like dying


Oh god one day, I’ll realize

the mistakes I’ve made of my life

hold my head up  I say

and try to make this right,


So here I am a living proof

that life is worth more than millions

no one can do what you

need done for yourself but you.


Copyright Homeless Grapevine Issue #18, Cleveland, Ohio