Poem: Homeless - What Would You Do?

Would you beg, borrow, or steal

To get you & your children a meal?

Would you sleep in a dumpster or on a steel grate?

Or try to get shelter and find you’re too late?


Would you walk in the cold all day and all night?

Not knowing if you’ll live to see the mornings light.

Would you dig in the garbage because your stomach’s empty?

No one really caring, this is life in the city.


Would you sell a paper called The Homeless Grapevine?

To build up your self-esteem, So life wouldn’t seem so confined.

Would you walk around for a day without taking a shower?

Smelling so bad you wilt all the flowers.


Would you think the only out is suicide?

Tired of being in this predicament, just waiting to die?

This is the plight of some, maybe not me, maybe not you.

The question remains. Homeless, What would you do?

by: Buzzy

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published July 1998 Cleveland Ohio