Cosgrove Responds to Criticisms

Dear Editor:

  I received your letter dated May 8, 1998 regarding the letter that Mr. Jackson wrote to the Editor of the "Grapevine." I sincerely appreciate your concern and consideration in that matter, but most of all I appreciate your fairness in this matter.

  First and foremost, Mr. Jackson has never approached me, my program coordinator or my staff to request a meeting with us. As far as that goes, he has never approached any of the staff requesting a meeting. If he had asked for a meeting, he certainly would have been granted a meeting.

  I have discussed this matter with my staff. As a result, we would like to extend an invitation to Mr. Jackson along with you and/or the staff of the "Grapevine". This will afford all of us an opportunity to meet with us to discuss this matter and to get to the bottom of the alleged problem. As you know, our doors are always open to you and your staff, and we are willing to meet with you and Mr. Jackson at your convenience. Again, I would like to thank you so very much for your support and the fairness you have shown us in this situation.

  As the Program Director of the Bishop William Cosgrove Center, contrary to Mr. Jackson’s belief, the clients are always and will always remain my first priority.


Sharon F. Fields, LSW
Program Director

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published July 1998 Cleveland Ohio