The Angeline Christian Home Responds

In response to the questions you sent me I am sending copies of the rules we have posted. In addition, there are a few areas that I would like the opportunity to expound on;

Because of the overwhelming need for emergency shelter assistance, we have to limit the amount of time a client can stay to one month. We would love to be able to give the women a longer time period to address the problems that brought them to us, but our facility isn’t large enough to allow us to accommodate the women any longer than that.

  • · There are doors on all of the bedrooms.
  • · Our cook does early wake-up calls for women that request this service.
  • · We have a case manager on staff. The case manager assists the women in obtaining transitional housing, shelter letters, healthcare, etc.
  • · We provide clothing assistance.
  • · In addition, our kitchen is open for coffee, tea and snacks all day.

We really care about the women who, for whatever reason need our services. We do our best to fulfill their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We strive to be more than just a shelter.


Patricia Wolf

The Angeline Christian Home

-Rules for Mothers-

1. Mothers, you are responsible for your own children AT ALL TIMES.

2. Do not ask other residents to watch your children. Take the children with you when you leave for appointments.

3. If your children make a mess in the Dining room or Playroom, it is your responsibility to clean it up quickly and thoroughly.

4. Diapers, smelly clothing, and wet bedding must be properly and promptly taken care of. Pampers, etc. are to be WRAPPED IMMEDIATELY in newspaper and PROMPTLY disposed of in the trash cans behind the building.

5. You are to furnish your own diapers, if possible. They will NOT be furnished if you smoke or buy junk food.

6. Children are not to run in the house or to play in the lounge. They are to stay out of the kitchen and others’ bedrooms.

7. Children under 10 years old should be in bed by 8:00pm. Older children no later than 9:00pm.

Angeline Christian Home

House Rules

1. All residents are required to attend devotions, church service and any other activities scheduled by Angeline Christian Home; unless special permission is given by the Director.

2. All medications must be checked into the office.

3. Bad language, obscene literature, sexual activity, drugs and alcohol are prohibited. Even if staff suspects any of the above – you will lose your bed.

4. You may not leave the building until chores are completed. You must notify a Staff Member before leaving

5. Curfew is 6:00pm. If you are not in the building, you will lose your bed. Please do not return after curfew- your bed will be gone.

6. Meals are served at scheduled times only. No junk food in the building.

7. All residents must be in bedrooms by 10:00pm. And in bed with lights out by 10:30pm.

8. If you do not return, your personal belongings will be held for 24hrs. After 24hrs the belongings will be shipped out with no hope for recovery.

9. Sunday meal is at 1:00pm. Residents who plan on eating must sign up. Sunday curfew is 8:00pm due to Sunday meal.

10. Laundry must be done between 7:00am and 10;00pm. All machines should be shut off at 10:00pm.

11. Fighting and arguing is reason for immediate dismissal.

12. Please DO NOT ask for money from the staff of ACH, volunteers, the members of the church you are attending or it’s Pastor.

The City Mission Board of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers will not be liable for any accident, injury, theft or counsel on or off the premises.

Attention: Your stay at The Angeline Christian Home will be no longer than 2 to 4 weeks from the date this is signed. Dismissal may come sooner if the House Rules are broken.

Please set your goals on obtaining permanent housing.

I have read the House Rules and hereby agree to abide by them during my stay at The Angeline Christian Home.

Copyright for the Homeless Grapevine Cleveland Ohio Issue 27 May 1998