Director of Salvation Army’s Women Shelter Responds

The Salvation Army ‘s Women and children’s Shelter constantly strives to provide quality emergency services to homeless women and their children. Utilizing a holistic approach, this short-term (21 day) program enables women who are victims of domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness and other difficulties to reside in a safe residence while they begin to work on issues that caused them to become homeless initially. Spiritual services and worship opportunities are available to the women as part of this holistic approach. The staff of the shelter is committed to helping women to effect long-term change (in their lives) by providing case management services to help them secure substance abuse intervention, job training, transitional housing and employment. Day care services are available three days per week for children whose mothers are actively seeking employment and/ or have weekday appointments. In addition, Project ACT provides educational services for the children residing at the shelter. A referral guide, produced by The Women’s Shelter staff, is utilized in the provision of case management services. Included in this guide are health care programs, mental health/ substance abuse intervention, other emergency shelter information, transitional housing programs, housing search assistance, and employment/ training services to help the women become self-sufficient.

The Women & Children’s Shelter has long been a valued and effective program in the continuum of emergency shelter programs in our fine community. In accordance with the rigorous national standards of the Salvation Army residential programs, the Women and Children’s Shelter will continue to provide a safe, nurturing and effective program to help women (and their children) exit homelessness.


Phillip Mason

Director of Social Service

The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland


The Salvation Army is a religious organization dedicated to the improvement of human welfare. In applying for admission to the Emergency Shelter, I agree to abide by the following rules:

Salvation Army General Shelter Rules:

  1. You must return to the shelter by 6:00pm each day. If you do not return to the shelter by the 6:00pm curfew, all of your belongings will be removed from the shelter immediately.
  2. All personal belongings are to be taken with you upon discharge from the shelter.
  3. Work schedules must be approved ahead of time by the administration.
  4. Time to be away from the shelter property is as follows: Monday thru Friday 9:30 – 12:30pm Saturday 1:00pm – 4:00pm.
  5. Bus tickets are provided Monday thru Friday ( if available ), not on weekends
  6. The shelter is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  1. No weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises, such as guns, knives, etc.. Turn in any weapon to staff upon intake.
  2. No profanity, disorderly or immoral conduct is acceptable while staying in the shelter
  3. No sexual activity is permitted in the shelter.
  4. Stealing or destruction of shelter property is grounds for dismissal.
  5. No smoking is allowed in the shelter. Smoking is allowed outside ONLY!
  6. No alcohol or drug use on or off the premises while staying at the shelter. Possession or use of drugs or alcohol is grounds for dismissal.
  7. Every resident is assigned chores. ( you are responsible for completing your chores). Check list daily for assignment.
  8. All medications are to be kept in the office. Notify the staff of any illness.
  9. Final wake up time is 7:00a.m., Monday thru Friday. 8:00a.m. on weekends.
  10. You must have something on your feet at all times. Summer dress is permissible as long as it is not revealing. All residents must be fully dressed for all meals.
  11. Residents are not allowed to let anyone into the Shelter. Only Shelter staff is permitted to open the shelter doors.
  12. Resident’s are not permitted to go into anyone else’s room.
  13. Residents are not permitted in the kitchen except to do chores. Ask staff for assistance if something from the kitchen is needed.
  14. Wake up calls are given by third shift staff. Ask staff about signing up.
  15. Residents should bathe daily before 10:00pm.
  16. On your last day at the shelter, wash all shelter linen given to you and return it to staff.
  17. VISITORS: No male visitors are allowed in the shelter, unless (he is) a social worker or such. Female visitors are limited to a half hour, in the dining room area.
  18. TELEPHONE: Available from 9:ooa.m. to 6:00p.m. Limit calls to five minutes. No long distance calls. No 411 information calls. No collect calls.
  19. FOOD: No food or hot plates in the bedrooms. No outside food can be brought into the shelter. Food will be confiscated. Room must be clean and bed made prior to breakfast. All residents must be fully dressed for all meals. Eat only in dining area. Mothers must sit with their children at meal time. Sign up for lunch every morning if you want to be served. Clean off all tables, chairs, high chairs, and sweep floor around table after meals.
  20. BEDTIME: Children 8:30pm. Women 11:30pm. Lights out throughout the night. No radios or unnecessary activity during the night. No televisions allowed in bedrooms.
  21. LAUNDRY ROOM: A sign-up sheet is posted each day. Client laundry must be completed by 8:00 pm.
  22. CHILDREN: No physical punishment is permitted. Use the time-out method.
  23. Talk to staff if help is needed. Mothers are responsible for their own children. Children can not be left with another resident. All diapers are to be taken outside to the dumpster immediately after changing. During the night, take diapers to the garbage can at the front door. Children need to attend school as soon as possible while at the shelter. Talk to the staff about arranging transportation.

Copyright for the Homeless Grapevine Cleveland Ohio Issue 27 May 1998