Thanks, I’m Back on My Feet

Commentary by Svetta

     As this year comes to a close, and as I reflect over the year a few memories stand out. After being homeless for a year, I finally secured Section 8 housing in October. Thanks to Transitional Housing, Inc. While this is the most significant happening for me this year, yesterday was the greatest. I work for Alarm Pro ADT home security company. I’ve been with the company for three months now.

     Never did I think I’d be working for a celebrity owned company. Of course you have no idea as to whom I’m referring to. I’m talking about Walter Johnson the former Cleveland Browns (# 71) football player. I do telemarketing for the company, selling home alarm systems. It’s a part-time job. But it’s full-time security for me. Needless to say I do well.

     I volunteered to help out this Thanksgiving with the homeless, because I’m so very grateful to have Thanksgiving in my own home. I wanted to give something back. Apparently the Johnsons are in the same business. When I asked for a donation for the Homeless Dinner, the company presented a $100.00 check as their contribution. "I feel close to the plight of the homeless, it could happen to any of us." Said Mrs. Johnson. It made me feel very warm and emotional. Like so many others who donate their time and money to help the homeless, the Johnsons do their share. God bless them. There have been many hardships over the year. Many remember with a generous heart. To the readers of the Grapevine Street Newspaper, thank you. May God Bless you!

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published 1998 Issue 24