Earn Extra Money with the Grapevine

*Set your own hours

*Keep all the profits from the sale for the newspaper

*This is not a front for Pan Handling

*Each paper is $.15 and is sold for up to $1.00

*Training and Educational/career assistance is provided.

*Establish a work record, and oversee and an independent business.

*The Grapevine is the Street newspaper voice of the poor.

*We accept articles or commentaries from homeless/low income people.

*With a little work our vendors do make a great deal of spare change.

*Our vendors certainly make more than those working at the temporary services.

For more information contact:

Stanley Williams

Training available weekly

The Northeast Ohio Coalition
for the Homeless, (NEOCH)
2012 West 25th Street #717
Cleveland, OH 44113
Located across from the West Side Market

"It’s not pan handling, it is a business!"

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published 1998 Issue 24