Praise for Grapevine

Dear Homeless Grapevine,

This is a wonderful idea.

I was in Cleveland this past Sunday doing all these amazing things that I’ve never done before (seeing a castle in one of the Metroparks, going to the art museum, eating in a Middle Eastern restaurant) and I had almost forgotten that a year and a half ago I was eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in the park. Then I met a very nice gentleman by the name of Antoine who handed me a copy of the Grapevine. I gave him a dollar, we talked for a few minutes, and then I went home to my nice warm bed with my belly full and a half a pack of cigarettes and five dollars in my pocket.

This paper is such a wonderful thing because you’re giving people on the street an opportunity to make money without putting themselves in danger. You’re giving street people a voice, which is so important because when you’re on the street you don’t even feel human, and you’re giving people like me the opportunity to feel like I’m giving something back and maybe making a real difference.

I don’t feel completely human yet. To be honest, I’m only fifty bucks away from the street every month. Every day is scary and people here don’t really understand, You’ve made me feel a little safer.         



Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published January – February 1997 Issue 19