Cleveland's New Year's Resolution Priorities

Transcribed by Staci Santa
Interviews conducted by Max Johnson

The Homeless Grapevine surveyed homeless and low-income individuals in the meal sites on both sides of the river. Question #1 was what do you think should be the first priority for the City of Cleveland in 1997 or if you were Mayor what would you do first in 1997 to improve the city. Question #2 was what is your own personal New Year's resolution.
Melvin Bryant: 1. Adequate jobs/housing for the homeless instead of preaching about it. 2. to get my own house & employment in my appropriate field.
Svetta: 1. Do good work, bring a team back here, look at social illnesses esp. homelessness, use abandoned buildings as orphanages for homeless. 2. to get closer to my spirituality
Bob: 1. Stop letting Jacobs & Gund get all the dollars; fund low-income housing instead. implement low-income housing units. 2. to make $5 million.
Anonymous: 1. Women's situation of homelessness should be monitored by the city; more women's shelters. 2. Get a job & get a place.
X Man: 1. Lobby in Washington for more tax dollars for homeless & social services like education, health & welfare. 2. to try to be better than last year.
Billy Jean: 1. Open boarded up houses for the homeless. 2. Get my kids back.
Jay Y: 1. Have shelters open on Sundays and during the weekdays. 2. Do whatever I can to get me right & to help others
Mr. X: 1. Better leadership. 2. To do better than I did last year.
Anonymous #2: 1. To clear up housing issues; make room for more families.
John: 1. More programs for the homeless; have more places open on the weekends 2. To try to get out of here (the meal sites? or homelessness?).
Calvin Harris: 1. Affordable housing, jobs, and shelter. 2. To get mayor & big wheels together to talk about homeless issues. There should be one day that homeless issues are discussed with everyone concerned.
Wilby: 1. Permanent housing. 2. Find me a permanent job
Tony Walker: 1. Develop experience to share brotherly love. 2. Be more dedicated to Jesus Christ; make myself a more positive person.
Jack: 1. Money. They should decide what they're going to do with it for the homeless; need money for a drop-in center or training center. 2. Better myself with the grace of God; fight for the people
Big Bad Bob: 1. Get the homeless out of the cold. 2. To get the guys around here to help themselves.
Anonymous #3: 1. Homeless system should be better; there should be more affordable housing. 2. To get better for me.
Tim Allen: 1. Straighten out the school systems. 2. Try to help everyone that needs the help.
Zane Dunaway: 1. More shelter for homeless women & children. 2. Stay away from drugs & make sure I search for work; stay off the streets.
Laurie Bauer: 1. More women's shelters. good paying jobs w/ welfare reform coming. 2. I don't have one.
Julian Patten: 1. Supply us w/ all these vacant buildings; homeless have skills to repair the buildings. 2. No answer

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published January – February 1997 Issue 19