Brad Paisley’s Water World

By: Luke Drotar

            I don’t know if any of you saw us or our dunk tank, but on Saturday, June 11th, before the Brad Paisley concert, NEOCH staff and volunteers were given the opportunity to raise funds for our organization and the Cleveland Street Chronicle at the Brad Paisley Water World Experience which took place in between Progressive Field and The Q.  It turned out to be a beautiful day; we had a blast!  We raised $222 that will be split evenly between NEOCH and the Cleveland Street Chronicle.

         Personally I need to thank Sunny Nixon for connecting us with this opportunity, Kari Kuefler for penciling us in and coordinating such a thrilling event, and Diana Cyganovich and her Cogswell Hall volunteers for splitting their sign and dunk tank time with us.  I also need to thank NEOCH’s two brave volunteers who nerve-rackingly sat suspended above that dirty water, waiting for that special someone to throw a strike: Seth Hrbek and Drew Crampton.  We of course couldn’t have pulled it off without our smooth operator, Brooke Monea, who as front-of-house kept on-lock all things related to transactions and apron money; thanks!  And you know that I’ve got to show some love for your very own Cleveland Street Chronicle vendor Buzzy Bryant for his help deftly managing the manic ball throwing and collecting process.  You are one cool hand!

          But I especially want to thank Cleveland country fans for coming out and supporting us by helping ‘splash away homelessness’.  Just because you were on your way to a really fun concert didn’t preclude you from stopping for a second to listen to our spiel about homelessness.  Your generosity of attention spoke volumes about your character.  It also helped make this issue that you hold in your hands possible.  Thank you!

 Copyright Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and The Street Chronicle published spring 2011