The Grapevine Is Business, Not Charity

The Homeless Grapevine newspaper was started in 1993 by a graduate student from Kent State University. Then, as now, the purpose of the Grapevine was to create opportunity for interested homeless persons to advance themselves.

In keeping with this intention, it is hoped, recommended, that persons who purchase the Grapevine view themselves as customers of a business person, customers of a legitimate vendor of a constitutionally protected newspaper.

The Grapevine staff strongly recommends you buy your issues from badged vendors or those vendors with temporary badges. Further, as a customer, you should expect an issue for the price you pay. Persons with Grapevine issues who are not distributing copies with payment are not legitimate vendors and should not be supported.

The Homeless Grapevine is not a charity. The vendors contribute to each issue and the ultimate goal is an entirely vendor-operated and controlled paper. Vendors of the Grapevine should not be pitied, pampered, or considered helpless--they are legitimate businesspersons with motivation, style, and a genuine interest in their own futures.

If you have any questions, comments, interests, or complaints please call the Homeless Grapevine at 216-241-1104.

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published June 1996-July 1996 Issue 16