Security Roughs Up Homeless Man

Mr. Editor,

On Saturday morning, March 16, 1996, at 8:00 a.m., I was assaulted at Tower City, by one of the security “boys.” You know, the “boys” that wear the Derby Hats like the Highway Patrol. The Officer first gave me a karate kick on the face. Then he punched me twice on the face, knocking a tooth out by the roots. Then, while I was getting on the escalator, he hit me four times with something on my head. Of course, my head and such was bleeding big time. As the “officer” was assaulting me, he threatened to kill me if I ever came into Tower City again. He said, and I quote:

“If you ever come back in here again, I’ll kill you. I was born to kill your kind.”

He is black. I am white.

Tower City employees and two Cleveland Police Officers stood by watching, instead of stopping him from assaulting me. In fact, one officer “cheered” him on.

No one offered an ambulance or nothing. But God knows I needed one.

A social worker has tried every day since to get the name of the Security Company. Tower City will not return the social workers calls.

Legal Aide will not handle lawsuits.

I am “homeless,” unemployed, and “Handicapped.”

Is this a way for a “handicapped” person to be treated?

If you can be of any assistance, or any of your readers can assist me in any way, I would appreciate it very much.

Handicapped and Still-Hurting,

Donald Croyle

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published June 1996-July 1996 Issue 16