You are me, to a certain degree.
I must learn to love you unconditionally.
Because I know if I were you,
I'd expect the same things you expect me to do.
Let me walk a mile wearing your shoes
And show me just how much you have to lose.
You could lose your mind, you could go insane.
I must learn to let go and feel your pain.
Maybe you just want a cup of tea
Or are hoping to find some sympathy.
You could be overwhelmed with fear.
I must learn to have a listening ear.
I can't ignore you when you cry
And say it will be better the day that you die.
I have to open my eyes and see
That I must treat you as if you were me.
When I act as if you're the one to blame,
I should look at myself, and experience shame.
For things could be different before life is through,
And you could be me, and I could be you.
Most important of all, every day that I live
I must soften my heart and learn to forgive.
For whoever in heaven's keeping score in this game
Will only subtract when I do the same.
My door must be open, I must be aware.
If there's something you need, I must learn to share.
The worse thing I could do is to chase you away.
The same thing could happen to me someday.
When this life is through, and I come to my end,
I hope you'll tell God I was truly your friend.
The only way I'll be welcome in heaven above,
Is if you are there to testify to my love.

John Agostin

Copyright  NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published Oct. – Dec. 1995 Issue 12