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Register now for our Housing 101 Training. We are offering two dates, June 1st, 2018 and November 2nd, from 10am to 1:15pm.  The training cost $20 for participants and $30 for those who want a CEU credit for social workers. The workshop is held at NEOCH's office (3631 Perkins Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44113) Call us for more information (216 432-0540).  Make sure you sign up below.

More Information:  

This workshop is directed at staff of agencies (social workers, case workers and advocates) working with very low income and homeless populations.  The workshop training focuses on all aspects of obtaining and maintaining housing and shelter for their clients.

The training includes landlord/tenant and fair housing laws which can help clients maintain housing and take appropriate steps should there be a fair housing complaint or discrimination or inappropriate landlord behavior. There is a section that focuses on special groups such as veterans, homeless and individuals with special needs.

The  training includes how to find housing for people through a local housing finder website – www.housingcleveland.org which is updated regularly.  This website helps caseworkers find affordable housing for their clients and allows them to filter properties by tenant’s special needs using tenant tools which are provided on the website.

Session Provided by: 

NEOCH - Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless
Participant will be able to employ the housingcleveland.org website with tenant tools for special needs clients and be able to do an affordable housing search in the designated area with specific criteria requested to find affordable housing for low income and special needs populations.

Trainee will be able to recognize when low income clients need to take appropriate action when Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant Laws have been violated.   Participants will know where and how to direct clients if they experience issues with discrimination, disability issues or a landlord who is not following Landlord/Tenant laws.

Participant will be able to employ the different agencies that are in place to access services available in Cuyahoga County for their clients who are United States Veterans

Attendee will be able to relate to their clients the system that is in place to those in Cuyahoga County in need of shelter and affordable housing.  They will provide instructions on how to access shelter services and programs available for specific homeless populations such as Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing to help their clients obtain shelter and housing.

Trainee will be able to gain knowledge of what to do if their clients are facing an eviction.  They can explain how the court system can help them and direct their clients to the resources that are available to a client facing eviction.

Click here to pay online. Please designate to Housing 101 Training. 

You can also send to 3631 Perkins Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44114. Made payable to Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

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