New Facebook Page for NEOCH

We were forced to create a brand new Facebook page which is timely with new leadership at the Coalition.  So, please like us on our new page. We will regularly update this page of items from the Cleveland Homeless Blog and updates from the NEOCH website.  This has a number of photo albums from our vast bank of 10,000 images at NEOCH.  It also has a number of videos from our NEOCH YouTube channel on success stories and the outreach workers. 

This is an easy way to keep updated on changes at NEOCH and easy links to events happening in the homeless community.  We will also post Solutions to homelessness this summer and the updated Street Cards as they get published.  We will keep you informed on the park being developed down at Riverbed Road and its impact on homeless people as well as any changes at the Community Women's Shelter.  We regularly update statistics and research taking place about homelessness.   NEOCH is involved in a couple of lawsuits and has regular updates on funding changes in the homeless community.  It is a convenient way to stay in touch with what is going on with homeless people. 

Chris Knestrick

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