Upcoming Discussion of the Value of Supportive Housing

Here is an announcement from Ruth Gillett of the Office of Homeless Services:

This is a reminder of the annual, full Continuum of Care (CoC) Member meeting scheduled for Friday, June 16th,  10:00 AM – 11:30 AM. Anyone who is interested in reducing homelessness in Cuyahoga County is considered a member of the Continuum of Care . As always, everyone is welcome to attend the CoC meeting.

The location of this special meeting is the newest Housing First Building:

                 Commons at West Village
               8301 Detroit Avenue,  Cleveland, OH 44102.

There is a parking lot with the building.


Katie Kitchin, Director of the Ohio Office of the Corporation for Supportive Housing, and Barb Poppe, formerly head of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) will attend and present the following information for your review and feedback:

Based on analysis of Cuyahoga County Annual Performance Reports for each intervention type of Street outreach, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, Supportive Services Only (SSO) and Permanent Supportive Housing – what are the projected GAPS in the interventions in Cuyahoga County, and rolling up data statewide, the State.

Assess how our CoC is:

  • implementing Housing First practices,
  • aligning with federal benchmarks and criteria and progress toward reaching functional zero for each subpopulation
  • aligning with HUD’s Recovery Housing brief;
  • identifying promising best practices;
  • other items to be determined
  • In addition, CoC members may be asked for feedback on “who” can be diverted from homelessness; “who” could or would benefit from TH; and after ending chronic homelessness, who should the next target population be for prioritizing PSH?

This is a lot to cover in an hour and half!

Please RSVP to 216.420.6844 if you want to attend this meeting.

Thank you!

Editor's Note:  This will focus on how great Permanent Supportive Housing is for the community and will not address the overcrowded shelters, the large number of homeless deaths, the huge waiting lists for housing, and the inability for a homeless family to find help. It will also not focus on the value of spending 80% of our homeless dollars that to PSH instead of the loss of 450 beds of shelter locally.   Other than all that everything is looking good for homeless people especially on one day in January when County officials count.

Brian Davis

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