Updated Veteran's Street Card Published

Be on the Look Out! – Updated Vet Street Card

Ever wonder what services are available to homeless veterans?  Do you know a veteran who is facing homelessness?  There is help!  The new Veteran’s Edition of the Street Card is a publication of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and is updated every year.  This one page card has been published on the website and can be found here:  /street-card/

The new edition lists every agency which helps veterans in the Greater Cleveland and surrounding areas. It’s a valuable document for those experiencing homelessness.  You are welcome to print copies and hand them out to veterans that you know.  It features the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans which has a toll free number, and the ability to use Live 24/7 chat to connect with them.

The new Veterans Street card is front and back and lists agencies in the Downtown, South, West and East sides of town.  It provides bus routes and important telephone numbers for veterans.  Every agency that a homeless veteran will need access to can be found on this card including finding Shelter and receiving benefits.  This is a great tool for Outreach Workers to use when they are out serving the homeless population.   All of the programs listed help veterans directly without a referral.  NEOCH is currently working to update the standard Street Card as well as the Family Street Card.  All of the Street Cards are available on the NEOCH website.  

by Denise Moore

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