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Did you know that The Metanoia Project provided over 6,000 warm and safe beds this winter to some of the most vulnerable homeless men and women in Cleveland? Metanoia also was able to assist 43% of its chronically homeless guests into permanent housing or substance abuse treatment.

Now, we NEED your help to continue. Donations have been extremely low due to unpredictable weather.

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Help us Keep Street Outreach

 Street outreach is one of the most effective programs nationwide at ending homelessness for individuals. The Metanoia Project runs an overnight homeless hospitality center in the winter months as well as a street outreach program in the spring, fall and summer months. Street outreach workers visit homeless dwellings in under bridges and in alleyways to bring services and resources to those that are struggling. The Metanoia Project runs on your donations. Due to a low donor turnout this year Metanoia is in danger of loosing its street outreach program.

Mail checks to

The Metanoia Project

P.O. Box 93453

Cleveland OH 44101

Or make a donation online

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The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless strongly supports Metanoia and we believe that it is an essential service in Cleveland. We hope that they can move to a full time year round program to meet the needs of those who traditionally sleep outside.

Brian Davis

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