Michael Stoops of the National Coalition Passes Away

These are some images of Michael Stoops in the blue shirt with the bright blue stripe on his windbreaker.  He is standing in the back row second from the right.  This was taken in Denver for his last big gathering of activists around the issue of Civil Rights. 

Michael Stoops passed away early this morning after a nearly two year struggle with his health.  He was a community organizer, civil rights champion and founder of the National Coalition for the Homeless.  Without his tireless work, the National Coalition for the Homeless would have closed years ago. Michael was a quiet guy who stepped forward to do whatever it took to raise the issue of homelessness nationally and in DC.  I am sure that he would have rather been serving baloney sandwiches to the homeless people who lived outside, but he gave all he could to amplify the voice of homeless people.  He served as a mentor to me and many homeless advocates in the United States.  We will have a full obituary and more details in the next couple of days. 

Brian Davis

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