National Coalition Homeless Action Day in DC

The National Coalition for the Homeless held an event in DC on April's Fool Day to call attention to the foolish decisions around housing and homelessness in America.  Activists from Minnesota, Austin and other cities held local protests on the same day in their home towns. 

There were people in for the National Coalition for the Homeless board meeting in town from Mississippi, Denver, Minnesota, Sacramento, Chicago, and of course Washington DC. 

Help us tell our legislators: WE WON’T BE FOOLED! Housing Ends Homelessness, and the President’s Budget will slash what little housing and community development programs we have in place, creating more entrenched homelessness and rolling back important advances we have made in getting folks off the streets.

Here is the items that the National Coalition were asking for from Federal officials:


      1. Preserve funding and create further local, state and national housing resources solely for extremely low to moderate income, elderly and disabled households.
      2. Stop ordinances, policies and practices that 1) criminalize and harrass people who are unhoused, 2) promote racial discrimination, or 3) prevent equal treatment of immigrants, people with disabilities, or those who identify as LGBTQ, especially in access to housing, employment and healthcare.
      3. Ensure that safety net programs like food assistance, health care and emergency housing are available to any Americans residents in need of support.

by Brian Davis

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