Media About NEOCH Director's Resignation

This was left on our Facebook page and is touching so we thought we would give it more attention on our blog.  

"I'm so saddened to hear this news, when I was homeless I was blessed to meet him and he truly touched my heart. He talked to me and actually listened to my plight. He treated me with such respect which was something lots of people didn't do including the people that were supposed to be assisting us. He gave me his card and was interested in knowing my point of view of the agency that was helping. I actually felt like a human being instead of just a statistic. I wish he would stay but I wish him well but a little bit of my heart breaks for the people that are still struggling, I appreciated the time he took to talk to me and the hope he gave me." --Chellbaby E.

Here are the other stories about my resignation

Mark Naymik of the Plain Dealer wrote about it in his column.

Mike Sangiacomo of Plain Dealer wrote about the resignation here. (I forgot to say, why does the Plain Dealer allow for anonymous comments? They do not allow anonymous letters to the editor. Also, why the Hawaiian Shirt in March? Why not from the Memorial in December for the picture?

Eric Sandy of Cleveland Scene Magazine wrote about it here. No calls from the County wishing me well yet--keeping the telephone lines open.

Kabir Bhatia interviewed me about my stepping away from NEOCH here.

Forgot to include the link to the NEOCH Press Release here.

Brian Davis

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