New Street Newspaper Out on the Streets

Mike McGraw dominated this edition of the Cleveland Street Chronicle with three articles in the paper.  There is an interview with retiring CEO, William Denihan, a story about the inability to find a payee and one on the VA Central Resource Center.  There are very good stories from the vendors about bedbugs, feeding homeless people and sales down at the West Side Market.  Staff wrote about the death of Unique Thrift, driving people to the polls, time limited shelters.  There are some great pics in the issue of the Stand Down, Homeless Memorial Day and the SocksPlus Program.   There are a few political stories from our vendors as well as health scares.  We had an article about the fake numbers that the County keeps sending out and relying on family in a time of need. 

Check it out at the West Side Market or pick one up from Delores or Mike downtown. 

Brian Davis

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