Current Director of NEOCH Job Description


Position Title:          Director                                                          Created:        04/01

Reports To:       Board of Trustees                                                             Reviewed:   January 2017

Location: Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless             

Who We Are Looking For:

 We are seeking a compassionate and understanding advocate who is familiar with the struggles of homelessness, knowledgeable of housing policy, and well-versed in the Continuum of Care and alternative solutions to the homeless crisis in Northeast Ohio.   We prefer an energetic and innovative thinker who is unafraid of controversy and has the capacity to lead, inspire, and drive movements of change throughout the region.  

Job Description:

The Director of Operations is responsible for:

  • Implementing NEOCH’s mission through day-to-day operations, long range planning, and implementing the goals contained in the strategic plan created and approved by the NEOCH Board. 
  • Maintaining the public identity of NEOCH by assuring that the viability, mission and vision of the organization is properly represented to the community served. 
  • Conducting all financial, human resources, public relations, and development activities for the organization.
  • Training and supervising all personnel, interns, outreach trainees and volunteers.
  • Overseeing the programming at NEOCH including outreach coordination, street newspaper, advocacy, public policy and the SocksPlus programs. 

A full job description of the current director can be found at


  • Undergraduate Degree or five years of experience in a non-profit management position;
  • Experience volunteering with the homeless community;
  • Ability to work with fragile and disenfranchised populations;
  • Ability to inspire and create a dynamic place to work;
  • Demonstrates ability to maintain a professional and healthy work environment and ability to partner with other organizations;
  • Demonstrates skills in public speaking, social media, group dynamics and the formulation of advocacy strategies;
  • Demonstrates history of successfully creating and monitoring programs;
  • Demonstrates an ability to work closely with partner organizations and volunteers to accomplish the strategic plan of the Coalition;
  • Demonstrates ability to negotiate, make decisions and effectively represent the organization’s interests to government and community leaders;
  • Demonstrates writing skills and knowledge of Windows, website and Office Suite products;
  • Demonstrates an ability to raise funds for a non-profit organization;
  • Demonstrates organization and time management skills.


Salary will be based on skills and experience and fall within a range of $45,000 to $55,000. Benefits package includes paid time off and health insurance stipend.

How to Apply:

Applicants should submit a cover letter explaining their qualifications and interest for this position, a resume and the names of three references to  Confidential review of resumes will begin on Friday, April 21st.  References provided by applicants will not be contacted until applicants are notified and give the search committee permission to contact references.  Questions about this position or the application process should be directed to the email address listed above.

Equal Employment/Affirmative Action

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless is committed to nondiscrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action in its employment, program operations, relationships with other organizations and our constituents. The organization will not tolerate discrimination with regard to race, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital or family status.

NEOCH acts affirmatively to meet both the spirit and the letter of applicable polices and laws and to value and respect the diverse population it serves in Greater Cleveland. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals including women, economically disadvantage populations, people of color, persons with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

Position Function:

The Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations, long range planning, and assuring the accomplishment of the goals of the organization. The Director is responsible for implementing the mission of NEOCH on a day to day basis.  The mission of NEOCH is NEOCH’s mission is to organize and empower homeless and at risk men, women and children to break the cycle of poverty though public education, advocacy, and the creation of nurturing environments.  The Director also implements the goals contained in the strategic plan created and approved by the NEOCH Board.  They are responsible for public identity of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for Homeless (NEOCH) Corporation by assuring the viability, mission and vision of the organization is properly represented to the community served.  This individual is responsible for all financial, human resources, public relations, and development activities for the organization. They supervise all personnel and volunteers and help steer the organization through implementation of the strategic plan.  The Director oversees the programming at NEOCH including outreach, street newspaper, advocacy, public policy and the SocksPlus programs.  The Director is responsible for hiring and supervising interns and the outreach trainees, and all interactions with other social service providers. They will work on developing new opportunities and planning in the community. 

Specific Responsibilities:

1.    Formulates annual development plan applying for funds, scheduling with the Board of development meetings, negotiate contracts, and grants management reporting. 

2.    Staffs the Homeless Congress and implement the goals of the members who sleep in the shelters or on the streets.

3.    Acts as editor and publisher of the street newspaper, the Street Chronicle.

4.    Fills seats on various boards designated to NEOCH.

  1. Office of Homeless Services Advisory Board.
  2. Federal Emergency Food and Hunger Board.

5.    Formulates the advocacy and public policy positions for NEOCH.

6.    Oversees the Street Voices presentations with trained homeless individuals to churches, synagogues, schools and other groups as well as all public speaking engagements. Street Voices is a program of NEOCH that involves training formerly homeless people to be able to speak to large or small groups about their experiences.

7.    Coordinates public and media relations for the program and staffs meetings with the social service providers in the community.

8.    Prepares materials for the Board of Trustees and maintains contact with the Board.

9.    Assists with the publication of the annual report, newsletters, and all other publications of NEOCH.

10. Attends regular meetings with regard to homelessness in the community that are typically scheduled on an ad hoc basis. These can include safety at the shelters to public policy around homelessness in Cuyahoga County.

11. Schedules the monthly housing meetings in partnership with CSU and Dept of HUD including the selection and confirmation of the speakers for the monthly meetings.

12. Creates and implements all public education campaigns for NEOCH, and the public positions of the organizations. 

  1. Letter writing and press releases and speaking engagements.
  2. Street Cards and Homeless Stand Down involvement
  3. Testimony before governmental bodies, and meetings with elected officials.
  4. Website, annual report, newsletters, and all other publications of NEOCH.

13. Assists with the direction for each of the programs under the umbrella of NEOCH, and the development of new initiatives.

14. Oversees the evaluations of all employees and conducting the evaluations of those employees supervised by the director.

15. Oversees the hiring, administrative duties, benefits, training, and disciplinary activities for all staff.

16.  Assures that the policies and procedures for the organization are followed.

17.  Assists with the orientation for new staff or board members.

18. Manages and prepares the budget for the organization, and assures compliance with all acceptable financial standards set by the Board.  Works with the Board Treasurer on the annual audit or financial review by an outside certified public accountant.

19.  Oversees the bookkeeping company or the individual hired by the organization to maintain the financial records.

20. Assists homeless people to amplify their voice through resident councils, assisting with grievances or protecting their rights with regard to government.

21. Coordinates all the services and training opportunities for all the outreach workers in Cleveland.  This shall include coordination of the SocksPlus donation collection and distribution program as well as the regular meetings with outreach staff to keep them all working together.

22. Maintains the affordable housing website and work on finding a solid revenue source for this project.

23. Oversees voting activities of the agency including protecting the right of homeless people to vote in Ohio through lawsuit or public policy efforts.  The goal of the voting project is to get every current homeless person to register to vote and then assist with transportation to get them to the polling place to vote.

24. Oversees the Homeless Memorial day on the first day of winter at a place that involves partnering with homeless people.

25. Partners with the Cleveland Bar Association or Legal Aid Society to get homeless people access to legal assistance for civil matters that may prevent or shorten the time they spend homeless.

26. Maintains compliance of all the public contracts signed by the organization.

27. Works to limit any exposure the agency might have to lawsuit by maintaining the proper level of insurance and measuring operational risks.

28. All other duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees.