Updated Street Card Published

Homeless Street Card Available to Direct Homeless People to Places that Can Help


The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless announced the publication of the Homeless Street Card for 2018.  We are so thankful to University Hospitals for sponsoring this years printing.  The Homeless Street Card is a front and back piece of paper updated every year that contains extensive information on resources such as shelters, meal sites, job training agencies, health clinics, chemical dependency services and drop in centers. This valuable and convenient resource makes it easy for homeless individuals to find the assistance they need to get out of their situation

It is easy to read, regularly updated, and can be folded up to carry around. Through the generosity of University Hospitals, we were able to print 10,000 Homeless Street Cards and have begun to distribute to individuals, shelters, hospitals, schools, police stations, and libraries  

Many use our website to download and print out copies of the Street Card. You can download the new card here.  It is the most popular section of our website.   

 In addition, NEOCH has a Family Street Card and Veteran’s Street Card on our website to print and distribute.  We hope that these one page guides will shorten a person's stay on the streets or in the shelters.  We hope that they can use this resource guide to move out of homelessness quickly.  With all the changes that take place with programs opening and closing it is important to have a trusted resource guide available to assist homeless people