Volunteers Needed for Voting Event

Volunteer in support of Democracy in America. Kareem Abdul Jabbar did not think it was necessary to struggle to sign people up to vote.  He said:

Ignorance is not something that really lends itself to a meaningful discussion. So some of these people really shouldn't vote, because they don't know what the issues are. And I think people that are voting in the blind are doing a disservice to our country by not being better informed. ... I hope that everybody understands the issues and votes their conscience according to a well-informed effort on their part.

By knowing what the issues are and how things can proceed, given what the issues are, I think we get a lot more done when we have the electorate being well informed. And it is my fervent hope that a well-informed electorate is the result of all this. ... Some [people] definitely aren't prepared to vote. And that's unfortunate, but it's a fact.

This is an interesting discussion for academia by a Great American and Champion of Social Justice, but NEOCH believes that everyone should vote. Despite Abdul Jabbar being one of the greatest thinkers to ever appear on Sesame Street, we disagree, and maybe there should be an option for "none of the above" voting.  A portion of those new voters are not prepared to vote, but the majority have something valuable to add to the discussion.  It is my experience that homeless people are surprisingly well informed about the issues.  They read the paper and talk about some of the main issues facing those living in poverty.  We want everyone, even the uniformed, to sign up to vote.  Please help us by signing up as a volunteer. 

Brian Davis

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