Split Decision on Counting Absentee and Provisional Ballots

The Appeals Court split on the changes in Ohio law that threw out absentee and provisional ballots with technical mistakes.  We won at the Federal District Court and there was a split at the Appeals Court level.  Two Appeals Court judges did not find the violations were discriminatory or violated the Voting Rights Act.  But Judge Damon Keith provided an amazing dissent providing a historical look at the individuals who had died attempting to help every person vote.  He gave a brief biography and photograph of those who were killled in "The Martyrdom and Struggle for Equal Protection."   The dissent is worth a read for anyone studying the importance and need for the Voting Rights Act in America.  He put a face on the struggle for equal protection with the 36 individuals killed for working to have every person's vote count in America.  We will post more information on the decision after we figure out how this will impact the November vote.  But for now click here is the full decision

Brian Davis

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