Project DAWN Policy for Distribution of Naloxone

Cuyahoga County MetroHealth Project DAWN

Organizational Naloxone Distribution Policy

MetroHealth Project DAWN will no longer be able to provide free kits to organizations and their staff members. 

Because of limited funding and resources, MetroHealth Project DAWN must prioritize kit distribution to those at personal risk of opioid overdose whether actively using or abusing opioids or whether in recovery for opioid use disorder. Kits will also be prioritized for those who know someone at personal risk of opioid overdose including family members or friends of individuals who use or abuse opioids or who are in recovery for opioid use disorder. Organizations that serve individuals at risk of opioid overdose should continue to refer and connect their clients or patients with MetroHealth Project DAWN.
Organizations that serve or come into contact with individuals who may experience an overdose should acquire naloxone for their staff members by other means including:

  1. Participating Pharmacies Discount Drug Mart, Walgreens, and MetroHealth Outpatient pharmacies are equipped with naloxone for customers. Simply visit any local Discount Drug Mart, Walgreens, or MetroHealth Outpatient pharmacy and request naloxone. No prescription is required. Naloxone in the pharmacy setting is not free, but is covered by most insurance plans including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurers. Individuals at personal risk of overdose or who may be likely to witness an overdose may acquire naloxone in the pharmacy setting and receive coverage from their insurance plan. If the customer does not have insurance, he or she must pay the out of pocket cost. Organizations should offer to reimburse employees for the out-pocket expense of their employee’s naloxone.
  2. Maintenance of a Stock of Naloxone under a TDDDL Those organizations, which have a Terminal Distributor for Dangerous Drugs License (TDDDL), may order a stock of naloxone to keep on site in case of an overdose emergency. All necessary staff members must be trained on how to administer naloxone and authorized to use the medicine under a physician protocol.

For specific details please visit the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy:

If your organization does not have a TDDDL but has a Medical Director, you may apply for a TDDDL here:

Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.

From the staff over at Project DAWN