New Paper Published Today


The new Street Chronicle is on the streets and ready for sale to the delegates in town for the RNC.  There are a couple of stories about the Community Women's Shelter and the hearing that took place in May.  There is an interview that Abby did with a transgender woman who happened to stay in both the women's and men's shelter.   Abby the intern also wrote about the important new guidelines for apartment owners issues with the re-entry population. 

Most of the vendors wrote stories for this issue.  Some were talking about the NBA championship which is new to Cleveland.  Others talked about their experience of being homeless or coming off the streets and into housing.  We have pictures of the new Public Square.  There are two additional stories from people who became homeless and how they made it off the streets.  You can pick it up at the West Side Market anytime they are open (even with the construction).  We also have vendors in the downtown on a regular basis. 

Brian Davis

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