Congrats to Our Top Sellers

The new paper came out last month and as soon as the new paper comes out we have a sales contest for the vendors.  The high sales person for the month gets a gift card worth around $100 and the second place vendor in sales gets a gift card around $50 usually for a food place/restaurant or grocery store.  Then we have a third place gift card for Subway or Pizza shop for the third place sales contest winner.  This time we had:

  • Dolores was the winner

  • Darlene came in second place and

  • Raymond in third place

You can pick up your issue at the West Side Market or downtown.  We have stories about the LGBT Center and questions that should be asked during an upcoming presidential debate of the candidates.   We have many articles from the vendors about their life and their experiences.  There are a couple of articles from women staying at the Women's Shelter in Cleveland.  We have a nice center spread of the faces of people who attended the Homeless Stand Down in Cleveland, and a story about homelessness in Canada. 

Dolores came rolling back with sales after a period of time sitting out a suspension.  She is working to restore trust and regain her customers. 

Brian Davis

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