Cleveland Women's Shelter Hearing May 4

Thanks to Council President Dan Brady for organizing this discussion.  We hope that when the County Council hears of the problems at the shelter they will force some reform.   We have some immediate actions that could be taken to improve the living conditions and some long term solutions.  I think that we need to open some smaller facilities to serve the unique needs of the women (Re-Entry, Mentally Ill, Addicted, Moms who need to re-unite with their kids, and older women).  But there are huge problems at the shelter only complicated by the current renovations taking place.  In my opinion, the staff are out of control and poorly trained.  They have made the facility into a toxic environment without a proper grievance procedure or a way to respond to problems.  I think that we need to bring in a new provider who has more experience with running a shelter, but that is not the opinion of the Homeless Congress yet.  The hearing is open to the public.

Brian Davis

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