CAVS Iman Shumpert Gives Out Donations to Guys Struggling

Denise from NEOCH along with Tyrone of Care Alliance were asked to escort Cavaliers starter Iman Shumpert out to meet some of the men living on the streets of Cleveland.  This was not the typical visit by a celebrity who serves a meal at one of the shelters from the safe distance of a soup ladle.  Shumpert approached the Cavs on his own after seeing the guys gathering at St. Malachi everyday on his way into work.  He wanted to give something out to the guys and saw the SocksPlus website about the greatest need on the streets being socks.  Denise told me that he seemed genuine about his concern and wanted to meet people where they were living as a friend. 

Shumpert visited a couple of campsites, St. Hermans, Metanoia and St. Paul's Community Church drop in to interact with the men and women who will not be in housing tonight.  He was really anxious about getting on the streets to deliver socks.  Shumpert told Denise that it was in his heart to give out the clothing out of his own funds.  Denise reported that he was sincere and seemed like a gentle guy, and she appreciated taking him around the streets of Cleveland. 

Thanks to the CAVS for the help and putting us together with Mr. Shumpert. 

Brian Davis

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