Still Missing Cuyahoga County Council

Despite the rumours to the contrary the Community Women's shelter is still in need a dramatic reform. Staff have not been trained properly and are still disrespectful.  Grievances are not followed up on, and management dismiss the concerns of the women.  We are so thankful to have heard from Councilman Dale Miller in January, but we want to hear from the others.  We want them to visit the shelter at 9:30 p.m to see the devastating conditions that they fund.  If County staff are saying that we are exaggerating the number of people sleeping in the shelter, then the County Council members should take the time to go over to the shelter at 9:30 p.m. and count the number of women sleeping there.  Sit down with them and talk about the issues in confidence to avoid retaliation problems.  We want to meet with the women who live in the shelter and tell them to their faces that they are exaggerating the extent of the problem as was said at the January 20 meeting by County staff.  We want them to come to the Homeless Congress meetings to hear directly from County taxpayers forced to stay in the shelter. Congress meets on the second Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. at Cosgrove Center.  Now, that the Council has a larger salary, how about going out to some of the facilities you fund to see how they operate and if you are proud of the services being offered?

















by Brian Davis

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PS: Putting 30 more beds into an already overcrowded shelter with staff who have lost all compassion is not helpful.