Socks Plus Program Announced for 2016-17

What can I do to help?  NEOCH, Metanoia Project, Care Alliance, St. Pauls and the Community West Foundation are partnering again to deliver hard to find supplies to those who live outside and in inappropriate places.  We delivered more than a quarter million worth of donations last winter and we want to increase that to $400,000 this year.  NEOCH is the place to bring donations of socks, hygiene kits, water, bookbags for distribution to the outreach teams.  Community West is the place to donate funds to support the Socks Plus program.  With those funds we buy boots, sleeping bags, tents, winter socks, hand warmers and other items that we do not typically see donated.  All the outreach workers can come to NEOCH to pick up winter items and other life sustaining items to give out on the streets. The Winter Drive started in November and runs through April.  We hope that you will participate in the Socks Plus program. 

Brian Davis

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