New Street Newspaper Out on the Streets

The new Street Chronicle is on the streets and being sold by our vendors at the West Side Market and Downtown.  We have stories about the Metanoia Project and the conditions at the Women's Shelter of Cleveland.  Nearly every vendor writes an article for the paper and there are pictures from the HandUp Gala.  There is an open letter to Catholic Charities asking for a new shelter for families in Cleveland.  We have a look at some of the activities that the new Mayor of Akron could do to reverse the horrible treatment given to homeless people down in the Rubber City.

Greg gives a story about the law of adverse possession as an answer for homeless people.  There is an article about vending and one specific vendor.  Tammy talks about her son who was shot. There were many articles about the needs and the help homeless people received.  Mike gives us some examples of how he found his way off the streets.  Joyce does the same in her article. 

All the profits from the paper go to the vendor.  They purchase the paper from NEOCH for 25 cents and then sell them on the streets.  They sign a code of conduct and there is a sales contest for the first month of the paper being out.  Pick one up today to support these vendors.

Brian Davis

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