Have You Seen These Elected Officials?


The County takes the lead in providing services to homeless people, and the Homeless Congress has been trying to schedule meetings for a year with no response. Councilwoman Conwell came to a meeting in March 2014 then scheduled a secret meeting with shelter directors without homeless people present.  We have huge issues that we need to talk about.  The current County strategy is not working and more people are showing up asking for help.  We need to hear from our elected officials about homelessness.  Joe Pagonakis of WEWS confronted the Council about the overcrowded conditions at the Women's Shelter and we still have not seen a change.  In fact, the county is planning on putting 20 additional beds into the shelter despite the fact that there are 30 to 60 women who need a bed every night.  We need help ASAP!!  Tell your elected official to schedule a meeting with the Congress or come to their meeting!!

Brian Davis

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