Thanks for the Pink Tie but How About Funds for Women's Health

Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) thought it helpful to say that “I’m wearing a pink tie in solidarity with women’s health issues.” Commentary in the  Washington Post by Dana Milbank

Yesterday there was a show of "support" for women with the choice of a "female friendly" and unmanly choice of wardrobe in the political theatre known as a Congressional hearing.  Supporters of Planned Parenthood were diverted to an overflow room in their pink shirts so that a bunch of suits could fill the front rows with scowls of disapproval on their faces.  This seems weird since the pink shirt crowd could compliment the pink ties worn by the Congressman from Michigan.  This all seems like political theatre and there are so many more important issues that our elected officials could be working on to show solidarity with women's health.

  1. Family homelessness is on the rise and they need the strength of the federal government behind solving this problem.  It is too big of a problem for the local or state government and it certainly unhealthy to be homeless.
  2. Additional funding needs to go health care clinics especially in rural and segregated urban communities.  We need to keep reaching out to women and children with more affordable options for health care.
  3. The Congress should direct the states that have refused to expand Medicaid to stop playing politics with their people's health.  Why are 20 states still not allowing the modest income population suffer?
  4. We need to put more people put to work to improve the health of America.  The Congress needs to pass a transportation bill to put people back to work improving our infrastructure with good jobs that has health care.
  5. We need more affordable housing created in this country to begin to reduce the homeless population because housing is healthcare. 
  6. We could use some resolution of the high cost of prescription drugs in our society.  Why are the costs of life sustaining medicine so high in the United States compared to everywhere else in the world. 

Brian Davis

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