NEOCH Board Endorses Issue 1 for Fair Redistricting

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Board of Trustees voted to endorse Issue #1 on the ballot in November 2015. 

NEOCH joins the Coalition on Homeless and Housing in Ohio, the Ohio League of Women Voters and the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition in supporting this state ballot issue. 


  • Creates a new seven-member bipartisan panel called the “Ohio Redistricting Commission.”
  • The commission must have at least two members from the minority party.
  • Requires the commission to be co-chaired by two members, one chosen by each party.
  • Requires at least two votes from each party in order to approve a district plan, otherwise a temporary plan is put in place and the commission must reconvene to redraw it.


  • Requires all commission meetings be open to the public and broadcast by electronic means of transmission using a medium readily accessible by the general public.
  • The commission must hold a minimum of three public hearings.
  • Before voting on a district plan, the commission is required to present the proposal to the public and to seek public input.
  • Requires the commission to submit a statement to the public explaining their process.


  • Protects against gerrymandering by prohibiting any plan from primarily favoring one political party.
  • Requires districts to closely follow the statewide preferences of the voters.


  • Creates a process for the Ohio Supreme court to order the commission to redraw the map if the plan favors one political party.

Protects Communities

  • Keeps our communities together by requiring a district plan to split as few counties, municipal corporations, and townships as possible.”
We believe in fair elections without gerrymandered districts to consolidate the power of any political party.  We believe that competative elections are healthy for our democracy and compromise leads to lasting solutions.  We urge a "yes" vote on Issue #1 in November of 2015.

Brian Davis
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