You Can Help People Out of Homelessness This Week!!!

On Monday August 3rd the Cleveland Housing Voucher opens! Volunteers are needed to help people sign-up! The Housing Voucher application is only open for 5 days, Monday through Friday. Many people of the homeless community are not experienced enough with the Internet to access and qucikly fill out the application themselves. This is where you come in! Numerous places in the Cleveland area need volunteers to help people sign up at their location. Volunteers only need to be able to volunteer for 3 hours on a single night.  For every seven people that you help complete an application, you are guaranteed to get one person out of homelessness.

The last time the housing voucher opened up over 64,000 people signed up, and 10,000 people received access to housing. This year we are expecting the same numbers. Since the voucher program is only open for 5 days, there is a substantial need for volunteers. By volunteering you can make a huge and direct impact on the homeless community. NEOCH can offer the training and place you at a spot.  There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you had a clear influence on getting an individual off the streets. Call Megan at NEOCH at 216/432-0540 to volunteer or send her an e-mail advocacy (at) neoch (dot) org.

by Dan the Intern