Posted a New Legal Assistance Schedule

We lost a number of clinics over the last year and are having a harder time attracting volunteers, but we posted our schedule for clinic sites for 2015 here.  We believe that Homeless Legal Assistance is one of the core programs in our community to help homeless people.  We could serve 1,000 people a year if we had the volunteer support.  There is a need for eviction help, debt, child support, divorce, bankruptcy, expungement, and child custody cases.  This program is key to moving people back to stability and getting their finances in shape or restoring their licenses. 

Homeless Legal Assistance is 12 years old and currently does not have dedicated staff assigned to the program.  After the 2008 downturn, we had to step back and layoff the staff.  We rely on volunteers to carry this program, and are so thankful for all their help.  The women at the Norma Herr shelter and the folks over at Cosgrove Center love the program.  The people at North Star drop in center for those re-entering after incarceration use the program as do the people at Lakewood Community Services seeking help with evictions.  This is Doug Lawrence, the first attorney hired to oversee the program. 

Brian Davis

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