Indy is a Messed Up Place For Homeless People

I got to see a copy of this documentary last month, and it is pretty amazing.  If you are in DC in December, I highly recommend this film.  It makes you glad you live in a more advanced community that does not disrespect its poor population compared to Cleveland.  The film is like a documentary version of Brazil or Naked Lunch where the City of Indianapolis puts unreasonable and unbelievable restrictions on these encampments.  "Go to shelter, but there are not enough shelter beds and you can only stay for a week."  We do not have the level of outdoor homeless population as they have in Indy and we certainly don't have these large scale tent cities.   This is a nice portrait of what happens if you follow the HUD plan to close transitional shelters, focus on very specific populations and de-fund all the supportive services in a community. Check it out.

Brian Davis

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