Columbus Street Newspaper Video

The Columbus Coalition for the Homeless publishes a monthly social justice paper called Street Speech. Low-income individuals buy and sell the newspaper and collect donations from Columbus citizens. These low-income individuals get a sense of pride knowing they are making an honest living and feeling better about themselves. If you want to find out more about Street Speech or the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless check out their website here:   This was put together by the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio to educate pedestrians in Downtown Columbus about the value of the street paper. 

The Columbus paper has grown substantially over the last eight years.  It is much bigger than the Cleveland Street Paper which has published for 21 years.  The paper has a newer editor who has been with the paper for the last year.  It is a really good paper for the capital city.  Check out the video interviews with Columbus Street Speech vendors. 

by Sarah and Brian

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