The Street Voices Program

By Ken Payton

Do you have people in your school or church who do not understand the struggle of poverty? Do you want to dispel the myths about homelessness to your students, friends, co-workers, and family? Then, the Street Voices Program brought to you by NEOCH is something you might to bring to your church, synagogue, school, or civic organization.

The Street Voices program brings formerly homeless individuals into churches, schools, or other groups to speak about their experience. These stories are heartbreaking, but the speakers understand that they must be told in order to break the myths surrounding homelessness. These speakers not only bring a face to homelessness but they are also well-trained to tell their stories.

The Street Voices program is essentially an educational program. I have learned so much from simply listening to some of the Street Voices speak. I have learned that homelessness can happen to anyone at any time. I have been moved by some stories,  and now, I have a better and more in-depth understanding of homelessness. The Street Voices program is needed to bring an end to the stigma of homelessness.

The Street Voices speakers are well-trained and promote education, and you can have one come to your church, school, or other entity for a stipend of $25.00  that goes to the speaker. The information you learn is priceless. Street Voices speakers have been trained, and NEOCH has been sending out speakers for ten years and running. Every one of these well-trained speakers would be more than happy to visit you. Reach them at (216) 432-0540 and ask for Ken Payton.