Housekeeping on the Website

On this cold wintry day in Cleveland, we have made some changes in the website.  We posted Don's message about the Street Voices program on the front of our website.  We moved the Homeless Memorial Video to the In Memoriam page of our website.   Brent has created a channel for NEOCH on You Tube here, which has four videos currently available. 

Allison and William staffing the NEOCH table at the Stand Down

We have added a gallery of pictures from the Homeless Stand Down 2014.  We know that over 1,400 people attended the Stand Down this year despite the horrible snow storm on January 25, 2014.  We will have more information next week from Handson NEO.  We know that over 200 veterans attended and there were some 44 social service providers.  We will have a different gallery available in the upcoming Street Chronicle coming out in the next week or so.  

We have also added the archive from Issue 20.4 of the Street Chronicle which was on the streets in the fall of 2013.  Check out the dozen articles from the Street Chronicle or any of the Grapevine/Chronicle archive.

Brian Davis

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