Voting Changes Coming to Ohio

Senate Bill 205 prohibits public officials from mailing unsolicited absentee voting applications and prohibits election workers from helping voters fill out their absentee applications.  Read the full text of SB 205 here.

Senate Bill 238 eliminates Golden Week, which allows voters to register and vote at the same time. According to estimates from the Secretary of State's office, more than 59,000 Ohio voters cast early in-person ballots during golden week in the 2012 presidential election, showing that there is a need for this time for voters to register and/or update their registration and voter during that week. It is also a wonderful way for homeless people who move frequently to participate in voting.  Read the full text of SB 238 here.

Senate Bill 216 is currently being considered by the House Policy and Legislative Committee and is expected to come before the full House the week of February 17, 2014. S.B. 216 creates more reasons to not count provisional ballots, even when it is known that it a ballot was cast by a qualified voter.  It also will make it difficult for advocates such as NEOCH to be able to figure out if a provisional ballot was counted or not counted and for what reason.  This would again reduce the number of legitimate voters who are able to cast ballots.  Read the full text of SB 216 here.